Cooperation in the field of organizational-legal activities for company bodies.

Advisory for Company Representatives

We can assist in organizational and legal aspects of work of the general meeting and company representatives such as executive directors, board of directors, supervisory board or the bodies of other legal entities including no-profit organizations, which may include the following steps or outcomes:

  • organization of annual general meetings, including the preparation of all relevant documentation;
  • monitoring of legal changes in the articles of association, including the incorporation of these changes into the articles of association of the company;
  • monitoring of legal duties of executive directors, the board of directors, the supervisory board, including extended duties which may arise as a result of articles of association or general assembly resolutions;
  • preparation and organization of meetings of executive directors, board of directors and supervisory board, including the minutes;
  • preparation of intercompany relations report according to §66a) paragraph 9 of the Commercial Act, report of the board of directors on business activities, report on the findings of the supervisory board, annual report of the company.

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