In the field of mergers and acquisitions we take into consideration economic, legal as well as tax aspects of the transaction.

M&A (mergers and acquisitions)

In mergers and acquisitions it is advisable to consider the economic as well as the legal and tax aspects of the transaction. In order to coordinate these various aspects, transactional structures of different complexity are often created.

For the implementation of these transactions we can offer:

  • completion of an Information Memorandum;
  • strategic advisory – exit planning;
  • search for strategic or financial investor;
  • the sale of companies or its part;
  • financing arrangements;
  • indicative valuation of companies;
  • arrangements for the valuation of companies for the purpose of purchase or sale;
  • structuring of transactions;
  • complete proposal and arrangement of company transactions (mergers, divisions, purchase and sale of a company, etc.)
  • preparation of the company for due dilligence;
  • completion of a Business Plan;
  • representation of the client in the process of due diligence;
  • representation of the client in the negotiation of M&A documentation.

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